Are past relationships stopping you from moving on with your life or from finding a new partner? Hypnotherapy can help. You may have been hurt in the past or find yourself always going for the ‘wrong’ type of person. Perhaps you prejudge people without giving them a chance, or your relationships are doomed to fail because ‘that’s what always happens’. If you have got into the habit of negative thinking then you increase the chances of your relationship not succeeding.

  • Hypnotherapy can help the unconscious part of your mind so you can change the way you think.
  • You can start to feel more positive about your future, the possibilties of finding the right partner, or being able to appreciate and enjoy the partner you are with.
  • It can help you think differently about your past relationships, and learn from them rather than focus on how they have made you suffer.
  • It can increase your self esteem.
  • It can help your unconscious mind be released from¬†childhood relationships, which maybe stopping you forming healthy attachments now and in the future.