Cocaine Addiction

If you want to stop the cocaine habit, hypnotherapy can help. If you feel you’ve lost control and want to be able to say to ‘no’, make the decision to change now. Hypnotherapy helps the unconscious part of your mind to make the decision for you. There is no dilemma or struggle with your will power, it’s as though your mind has already been made up to say ‘no’. As your mind has been rewired it doesn’t matter where you are, or who you’re with, your natural reaction is to ignore it. Even when people are taking it around you it means nothing, the old stimuli have gone.

Change how think

Hypnotherapy helps to rewire unconscious mind so it connects to what you consciously want to happen – even when you’ve been drinking alcohol.

Hypnotherapy helps

  • You feel confident about stopping.
  • Removes cravings.
  • Free to be your natural self and enjoy the situation.
  • You be in control without thinking about it at all.


I had been struggling to stop taking cocaine for some months. The habit had gotten worse and worse and I realised I was beginning to be dependant on it in any social setting.  It was effecting my work and my energy levels were getting very low. I stopped going to the gym and spent most of the weekends in bed. I was also beginning to be depressed about my lifestyle and decided I needed to do something drastic. My colleague had seen Jennie to stop smoking successfully and I just hoped that the hypnotherapy would be as successful for me. I did the first session; I felt better in myself but after the second session I realised I was finding it easy to say ‘no’ to the coke. I had another session just to make sure and it’s as though coke is a thing of the past. I’m still able to go out with my friends it’s just that I don’t do it anymore. London Client