My finance had been to Jennie to stop smoking and was successful so I thought I’d see if she could help me with my sleeping. I had been suffering from insomnia for nearly 2 years after a particularly stressful time at work. The stress had gone but my sleeping patterns were still disrupted. I would drop off and then wake at about 2am and not be able to get back to sleep again. After the first session I could sleep right through the night even when I did wake up I went straight back to sleep again. Hypnotherapy has helped me solve my sleeping problems without having to resort to sleeping pills.

Robert W.


My husband and I had split up over 2 years ago and I had gone from being angry and upset to depressed and then back again to being angry again. It seemed like a never ending load of pain. If I had to talk to my husband about the divorce I would plummet to depths of depression. It came to a head when I saw him and his pregnant girlfriend. It was like the last straw and I went for hypnotherapy. I did feel a lot better after the first session and by the time I went for my fourth session I had met someone new. I felt stronger and more resilient. I know I have learnt from my previous marriage and I also know I will never feel that bad again. In fact I feel quite ambivalent about it all now so much so I even asked after his girlfriend the last time we spoke. All the anger and bitterness has gone and I know I have really moved on with my life. I have recommend so many of my friends to go and see Jennie – it has made such a difference to my life.

Marta K.


I came to Jennie because I was worried about how much I was drinking. I still wanted to have a drink but be able to stop when I wanted. After the session I felt much better, more positive. Without me even realising my drinking has decreased naturally.  It’s no longer a problem. I find it much easier to say no because I’ve had enough. I feel more confident and now I am in control of it but without having to think about it. It’s just what I wanted.