Slim Naturally


Slim Naturally will help you get the food and exercise habits that work so you can discover your natural slimmer and fitter self

beltjeans2Slim Naturally is an affordable, effective alternative to individual weight loss hypnotherapy. I have 16 years experience at helping people lose weight with hypnosis. Since discovering that the group sessions can work even better than 121 sessions. People who struggle with their weight are noticing the benefits, not only are they getting slimmer, but their attitude to food, health and well being are changing as well. What once seemed so difficult and hard before the programme, begins to feel easier and manageable after the sessions. One of the greatest compliments I get is when someone in the group says that after years of struggling and failing they feel ‘normal’ about food. It loses it’s power to control and it just becomes ‘food’. Something you can take or leave. It’s a liberating moment for many.

Using the powerful hypnotic techniques I’ve learned over the years, the transformation happens over the 4 week programme. Every group is different so I tailor the sessions to suit each class so that everyone can get what they need to help them make the changes.

When you book on a programme you can look forward to a hypno-gastric band that retrains the brain and stomach to connect to your natural hormones, the ones you were born with, telling the brain and mind that the full feeling in your stomach is the signal to stop eating. This is one of the techniques that helps to eliminate emotional eating.

These are some of the other problems solved during the programme.

  • cravings reduced or stopped completely
  • binging stopped
  • emotional eating removed
  • eating smaller portions accepted as normal
  • exercise is a natural part of the day
  • boosting the metabolism so the body works more efficiently.


fruitThe eight week programme is delivered direct to you by webinar. The webinars are about an hour long. Each session deals with specific issues as well as the concerns of individuals in the group. EVERY CLASS HAS A POWERFUL HYPNOSIS SESSION. During the eight weekly sessions of this inspirational programme, you will acquire the power to change your life, be more positive about your success and feel more confident. You will be able to:

  • break old habits
  • make better food choices
  • be kinder to yourself and not beat yourself up when you you think you’ve messed up
  • work comfortably towards your goals
  • have a more positive self image

apples2If you have had enough of diets that fail. Now is the time to change you mind and have a healthier, more positive attitude to food, health and exercise. If you want to get the positive habits that you can maintain naturally then book now. Need more information – Contact Jennie  or call 0780 350 5337

Here is what some have said about the programme:

For the first time in my life I am not obsessing about food.

images“Like a lot of people I have always struggled with my weight, constantly going from one diet to another and yo-yoing up and down. It was both mentally and physically exhausting and felt like a constant struggle. Slim Naturally and Jennie Francis has truly changed that for that. For the first time in my entire life I can say that food does not dominate my thoughts anymore. I am able to say no to sweets and junk without feeling like I am denying myself. I genuinely have stopped craving so many things that before I would honestly say I was addicted to. I have not only lost weight but I have gained a freedom from what I would describe as a total obsession with what I was or was not eating. I can honestly say it has changed my thinking and approach to food completely and I can highly recommend the programme.” Suzannah, London

After the second session I stopped eating bread and sweets

All my adult life I struggled with excess weight, especially after having my children. Slim Naturally programme changed my unhealthy attitude towards food. After the second session I gave up eating bread and sweets so naturally I was bursting with energy. I stopped obsessing about food and lost 12kg. Jennie is a lovely person and a real expert hypnotherapist. Maya, London

‘I presume this is how normal people feel about food’.

I have been thinking about how the programme works, it is so different to any of the diet plans I have tried in the past and I have certainly tried a few.

The biggest thing I have noticed apart from eating less and losing weight is that I have not heard my stomach tell me anything for years, my head has been telling me when to eat, what to eat and what I fancied at the time, I would always clear my plate and rarely felt full unless I was stuffed. Now I can hear what my stomach is telling me. It tells me what it wants and when it has had enough. I don’t have to resist “bad” things, I am just not interested in them any more nor in my nightly 2 glasses of wine. I presume this is how normal people feel about food. No wonder I was having trouble sticking to my diet, it was a constant be good or bad, constant thinking. It is great to not think about it anymore. Bernie, London

‘It honestly feels like a weight has been lifted’.

As a self-confessed chocoholic and emotional eater, I have been a yo-yo dieter for as long as I can remember. When I started the programme, I was the heaviest I have ever been and felt quite out of control with how I thought about food/dieting. Despite eating lots of fruit, veg, lean proteins etc, I was making a lot of unhealthy choices with food and using any emotion possible as an excuse to have chocolate or “bad” food. That was my main reason for looking at the Slim Naturally programme – I recognised that I was making bad choices, but couldn’t control them – it was almost out of desperation to find something to help me without having to resort to surgery.

I can’t begin to describe the differences I have felt in the few weeks since the programme started!

For what feels like the first time ever, I have stopped thinking about food. It probably sounds crazy – how can you think about food THAT much!? But that’s what diets do – they just put food at the fore-front of all of your thoughts ALL the time – what am I allowed, how many points, what size portion, if I have this then I can’t have that… it goes on. But what the hypnotherapy has done is make it so that food is just not an issue any more; I don’t really think about it unless I am hungry. If I am craving chocolate because I feel emotional/stressed etc, the craving disappears relatively quickly… and I find myself making healthier choices all round …and I tell you what, it’s amazing how much time you have free when you stop thinking about food!! Fran, London

‘I now have a healthy attitude to both food and exercise’.

I attended the slim naturally programme and lost 10lbs in the first month. I started exercising 4 times a week and successfully changed my eating habits. I now have a healthy attitude to both food and exercise. The group sessions were very supportive and I’m very happy with the results. Thank you Jennie.’ Laura, London

‘I stopped craving chocolate and feel liberated for it. Magical!’

I can’t believe that I didn’t touch the chocolates and chocolate biscuits that I had laid out for my daughters 10th birthday party. Normally I would have had most of them, I used to reach out and stuff them into my mouth without thinking and yesterday I didn’t fancy them.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I feel like I am loosing weight slowly. But that doesn’t really matter anymore. What matters is that I enjoy eating healthily. I used to stuff myself with chocolate to get a quick emotional ‘high’. Afterwards, I felt disgusted with myself and my body. After my third session with Jennie I stopped craving for chocolate and feel liberated for it. Magical! Martina, London