Lose Weight Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy can transform your approach to food, exercise and health. Once you have made up your mind to lose weight hypnotherapy helps liberate you from old bad habits. There are some powerful hypnotic tools that I can use to help you forget food. So you eat only when you are hungry and stop when you are satisfied. Changing your eating habits with hypnotherapy enables you to learn a healthy way of eating that feels natural and normal. If you use food for any other reason than to satisfy your hunger then you

Lose weight hypnotherapy helps you to:

  • Stop obsessing about food
  • Stop food cravings
  • Stop binge eating
  • Have a better relationship with food
  • Overcome emotional eating
  • Let go of those feelings of failure and guilt
  • Believe you can lose weight
  • Stop dieting.
  • Feel more positive about yourself

How Many Sessions Do I Need?

When it comes to straightforward one-to-one hypnotherapy, most people notice a difference after the first session. It’s up to you how many you opt for, but three to four sessions are usually required for a longer-lasting result.

Cancellation Policy

Just so you know, I’ll need 24 hours’ notice if you have to cancel an appointment, otherwise a fee maybe charged, so do give me a call in advance.

Real Success

“’Lose weight hypnotherapy’ had a positive effect on my life unlike anything I’ve ever tried before. When Zest magazine asked me to try out the Slim Naturally programme for a weight-loss article they were doing, I jumped at the chance and was delighted with the results. Not only did it help me lose weight hypnotherapy helped drop two dress sizes but it also left me feeling more focused and happier.”

Sophie Shenow, London, featured in the February, March and April 2003 editions of Zest magazine.