Our top 5 tips to beating exam stress

You have exams coming up. Everyone has told you how important it is that you do well in all of them. But you feel underprepared. You don’t know enough. It’s all getting too much! Exam related stress can ruin your chances before you’ve even sat at the desk. So what steps can you take to Continue reading »

How you can beat addiction

Addiction. It comes in many different disguises and can hold anyone hostage. Smoking, gambling, drugs. Some people call them their vices. But in reality, it’s an addiction they’re struggling with behind closed doors. And perhaps you have an addiction? Something that you haven’t faced or owned up to? Well here, we’ve put together a few Continue reading »

Treating anxiety naturally

Last year the Guardian newspaper printed an article reporting that almost one in five adults in the UK experience anxiety. If you suffer from anxiety on a daily basis you will know that the symptoms can be draining and leave you feeling deflated, lethargic and depressed by the end of the day.  Most people will Continue reading »

The benefits of stopping smoking this Stoptober

If you’ve quit smoking this Stoptober then good for you and keep it up!  If you’re still thinking about quitting or have fallen off the bandwagon then it’s not too late to quit this month! Why quit? Quitting smoking isn’t just hugely beneficial for your health but also great news for your friends and your Continue reading »

How does hypnotherapy work?

Scientific research has found that hypnosis does have a positive effect, however scientists just can’t agree on how it works.  In this blog we will look at some of the facts that we know for sure to be true and also some speculation on how hypnosis works. What is hypnotherapy? Hypnotherapy is a form of Continue reading »

Quitting smoking with hypnosis

It’s now a well-known fact that smoking causes a variety of ugly health problems and is a common cause of premature death. However the addictive substances in cigarettes mean that some people still find it extremely difficult to quit. Hypnosis is a safe and healthy way of quitting smoking and as more and more people Continue reading »